Wrestling with life…

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Last year I was asked to put together a short performance based on Genesis 32, 21-31 – Jacob Wrestles with the Angel 

This project was inclusive and included all ages and religious / non-religious participants. What was really interesting for me was how scripture can be used, by ANYBODY, to embrace and explore universal themes about life and its complexities – a truly wonderful means of exploration.

It saddens me that we appear to live in an age where we are all too ready to attack religion instead of embracing how it could be used and explored for the greater good. Media are guilty of negative focus. I think that we need to remember that religion doesn’t cause wars, or indeed sin, but man alone does – sometimes unfortunately in the name of religion.

The final performance manifested itself over a period of a couple of weeks with all participants, young and old, able to discuss and reflect in a safe environment.

It was such a great experience that I decided to write about the process in the form of a learning resource. This is FREE. Please find the link below.

Please share this post – it is a wonderful feeling to think that other groups could be inspired to do something similar. Let’s bring community back into our lives.

click here >> Jacob Wrestles with the Angel    (this is where you will be able to access the links to the pdfs – enjoy!)


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